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Local SEO is About Bringing Customers Through Your Doors

seo company in indore


Out of all searchers on google, 46% are local searches. That’s a huge customer base you can’t afford to miss, as you would be losing an opportunity every time someone looks up for a local vendor in your city.

And how often does that happen?

About  58 percent of people search for a local business on their smartphone daily, with 89 percent searching at least once a week.

If your local SEO would be poor, you would be virtually invisible in all these searches. Among those searches, 72 per cent of the searching clients will visit a store within 8 km of their residence or office.

But What exactly is Local SEO?

Local SEO is the technique of improving the visibility of local businesses and ventures to grow their reach organically. It’s almost the same as normal SEO in addition to a geographical component. By improving visibility we mean to rank you high in search engine result pages of all local searches regarding your business.

If you optimize your SEO well ,your website might also make it to google’s 3 pack.

What’s this “pack” you ask?

Well, The collection of the top three results for your local search at google is called Google’s three-pack.

It used to be a pack of seven, but to better fit for mobile searches, it was truncated.

So, How will you tap into this market?

Well, you’re in luck, cause this is where TRIODIGI excels, being the best digital marketing services in Indore.

Quality Skills

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Content marketing strategy 62 %
Digital consultancy 86 %
Mobile Marketing 52 %
Reputation management 40 %

And exactly will we optimize your local SEO?

Following are the ways how it’s gonna be done:-

local seo company in indore


  1.  By Establishing a networking and contact page: If the consumer trusts you better then he is more likely to carry on business with you. For building this trust, Your NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE NO., and E-MAIL should be clearly mentioned on the contact page of your website.
  2. Make phone numbers clickable on mobile devices: Optimizing such small details is what makes TRIODIGI the best digital marketing company in Indore. Out of all mobile searches for looking for businesses, about 30% are location-oriented. And out of these location-oriented searches, 76% result in a phone call. So, we make sure that all numbers on your website are clickable to make sure that the customer calls you.
  3. Adding a map to your website: Since about 86% of the people who search for local businesses will search your location on Google maps,we make it easier for them by adding a map to your website’s homepage.
  4. Showing testimonials on your website: The Algorithm of google trusts a website if it sees a good number of testimonials on the website. We will make sure to display such testimonials from your satisfied customers on your website from different platforms like Twitter, Koo, etc.
  5. Using schema tag on your website: This is the technical part of your local SEO.

Basically, Schema.org makes it very simple for the search engine to understand what your website is all about. We make sure to configure your websites with proper schema markups to let google identify as a local business and not some big brand. Being identified as a local business can help you to boost your local search rankings.

  1. Claiming all your online & social profiles: In today’s world, it’s not enough for your online business if you restrict your online presence only to your website. Being the best digital media agency in Indore, we expand and establish your digital presence on platforms like Google My Business, TripAdvisor, Yelp, and Facebook. Not only that but we also configure all your social media handles to Improve your local rankings.

7. Create locally targeted content: Creating adequate blogs is the soul of SEO and hosting your blog on the same domain also gives you a fair advantage in local SEO. By using this method you not only gain links to your blog, you’ll also gain links to your business’s main site. As the traffic and ranking of your blog will increase, the traffic of your main site will also increase.TRIODIGI being the best Local SEO company of Indore can help optimize your site by providing you the best content to post on your blog.

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